james hudson is a townmouse homebird from dublin
he is working on fiction long and short and is available for enquiries →

email: townmice@gmail.com
twitter: @townmice



‘Stroboscope’ in Queer Voices / Glórtha Aiteacha

February 2023 from ShoutOut
Two friends gauge the cost of being your best self.

‘How Modern’ in Opulent Syntax

December 2022 from Neon Hemlock
An astronaut and an abortion.

‘Cass as a Vampire’ in New Worlds, New Voices

October 2022 from Ulster University
A fragile family adjust to a vampire bite.

‘Highland Cow’ in ROPES #30

April 2022 from ROPES
Every 15 hours, on the dot, the cow comes back.

‘Kingdom Come’ in Yeehaw! A Wild Wild Zine

February 2022 from Yeehaw!
The classic cowgirl-meets-dragonslayer story.

‘Jack Goes to Hunt a Werewolf’ in Channel #5

November 2021 from Channel
Jack is hunting something, or someone.

‘Mudchildren of Mudmen’ in The Liminal Review #1

July 2021 from The Liminal Review
A mudman wants a baby.

‘Jack and the Gunman’ in Stone of Madness #6

January 2021 from Stone of Madness Press
Jack tries to pull the trigger.

‘You Roll’ in Queer Love: An Anthology of Irish Fiction

December 2020 from Southword Editions
If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

‘Sweet Blood’ in Tales from Solas

November 2020 with Pop Up Projects
A weird queer youth group.


‘Dead Names’ in Irish Trans Anthology

Forthcoming from Kate Kiernan, Nehanda H. Mbire and Anna Walsh
On death and undeath in trans horror literature.

‘I Survived the Internet and All I Got Was This Lousy Movie’ in Pretty Deadly Film #9

March 2022 from Pretty Deadly Film
On the movies made by Tumblr survivors.

‘Happy Almost Birthday, Trans Writers Union’ in GCN #368

October 2021 from Gay Community News
On the origins of the Trans Writers Union and the double-edged sword of its big first year.

‘Boys, Crying’ in The Stinging Fly #44

June 2021 from The Stinging Fly
On boys, crying.

‘Mitski in the Short Film Sitting‘ in Fuck What You Love #5

April 2021 ed. Claire Biddles
On desirability through the lens of Mitski Miyawaki’s performance in the short film Sitting.

‘Wanna See My Party Trick? *Stops Taking T*’ in So Hormonal: Essays About our Hormones

August 2020 from Monstrous Regiment Publishing
On what we want for our own bodies versus what is demanded of us.


I’m the co-editor of TOWER, a digital anthology magazine about sudden upheaval, abrupt endings, chaos and disaster. Edited with Róisín Byrne, TOWER aims to bring together artists and subject matters that are isolated, derided, transgressive and marginalised and put them in conversation.

VOL. 1: END will be available for pay-what-you-can down to free!

I’m the editor of VERY ONLINE, an anthology of writing about having a bad time on the internet. It features 9 artists and 13 writers’ articulations of fear, danger, isolation and grief on the internet, pushing beyond the tired warnings of ‘stranger danger’ and ‘phone bad’ to get into the gruesome, grieving and gleeful reality of being very online.

The anthology is available for pay-what-you-can down to free!

I’m the co-editor of Tales From Solas: Stories of Another World as Told by LGBTQ+ Young People Across the Island of Ireland, a pilot for Pop Up Projects CIC’s Rainbow Library series.

Artist Jamie Beard and I were brought on by Pop Up Projects to guide a series of creative writing workshops for LGBTQ+ young people which involved writing exercises, story development, illustration, and reflection on queer literature. I worked with the writers to edit their final pieces to their best potential.


Since 2021 I’ve been on the Programming team for the GAZE LGBTQ+ Film Festival where I’ve assisted in the curation of the GAZE festival, programmed short film blocks, sought out weird, sexy and exciting feature films for the programme, and hosted Q&As with featured festival filmmakers.

I am researching depictions of physical transition in trans-authored sci-fi, fantasy and horror and have presented Dead Names: A Case for the Trans Zombie multidisciplinary conference Theorizing Zombiism 2021 and Future, Fantasy and Frankenstein: Trans Healthcare in Fiction at the Small Trans Library Summer School 2022.

In 2020 myself and artist Jamie Beard were commissioned by Pop Up Projects to run art and writing workshops for LGBTQ+ young people from across the island of Ireland. The resulting pieces were collected in Tales from Solas. James led workshops on writing queer fantasy, embracing imagination and tying illustration to writing, and edited the final stories contributed by participants.

In 2019 I was selected as an Irish Writers Centre Young Writer Delegate to attend the International Literature Festival Dublin. Here I learned more about Ireland’s relationship to queer and trans writing while managing IWC social media platforms, reviewing events and sharing my own work during the festival.